What sets us apart…

Hospital Design


Our recently remodeled hospital offers a comfortable, homey environment with all the modern amenities owners expect in today’s veterinary facilities. We have three well equipped. spacious and comfortable exam rooms, a large lobby to allow owners and their pets space to move around without crowding, large treatment area where we can safely perform necessary procedures, “wet table” for anesthetic dental procedures, large well equipped surgical suite, separate Isolation Ward for ill patients and a large digital radiography room. In addition, our “non-veterinary” amenities including a grooming room, a separate quiet and serene Cat Boarding Room featuring individual Cat Condos and Resort Dog Boarding with individual rooms and large double fenced outdoor play areas.

Digital Radiography


Digital Dental Radiography

Photo by pandpstock001/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by pandpstock001/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DenGuy/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DenGuy/iStock / Getty Images

Digital Radiography is one of the cornerstone diagnostic tools we have at PAH. This imaging modality allows us to examine the skeletal system of your pet as well as some soft tissue structures such as the heart, lungs and internal organs. As technology has improved so has the quality of the images we are able to produce allowing us to make a more accurate diagnosis.



We added a Midmark DR Digital Dental Radiography unit to PAH in 2019. This has allowed us the ability to image for dental abscesses, tooth fractures and other dental disease below the gum line. In addition we are now able to even image the nasal and oral cavity for tumors and other forms of aggressive disease.


Photo by webphotographeer/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by webphotographeer/iStock / Getty Images

We are one of the few animal hospitals in the area to offer in-house ultrasonography. This imaging modality allows us to examine internal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines and bladder in much more detail than digital radiography. Both Drs. Weiser and Baucom have done extensive continuing education to advance their ultrasonography skills.

In-house Laboratory

Photo by nimon_t/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by nimon_t/iStock / Getty Images

Our In-house Laboratory is one of the most complete in the area. We can perform critical blood testing in-house offering immediate results to our sick and pre-surgical patients. Our Laboratory allows us the ability to perform CBCs, Blood Chemistries, Thyroid Level testing, Electrolytes, Fecal Exams, Urinalysis and some Cytology review


Photo by fotoedu/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fotoedu/iStock / Getty Images

Glaucoma, an increased pressure in the eye, is a painful and debilitating condition requiring close monitoring for management of the disease. We are the only hospital in the area to offer eye pressure checks easily and quickly via our Tonopen. This has allowed us to manage our Glaucoma patients much more accurately, as well as to screen at risk patients for this disease.

Surgical Suite


Our large state of the art surgical suite is equipped with both a Cardel EKG monitor and Pulse Oximeter to assure safe monitoring of your pet while under anesthesia. All anesthetized animals are placed on IV fluids during their procedure and are induced and maintained with the most modern and safe anesthetic drugs available. We also have electrocautery to assist is certain surgical procedures.

Isolation Ward


Our large Isolation Ward has four separate kennels and an entire glass wall for optimal monitoring of our sickest patients. Here we can safely house infectious animals such as those with respiratory illnesses, parvovirus and leptospirosis

Comfort Room

comfort room.jpeg

We understand the difficult decision owners have to make regarding end of life care for their beloved family member. We have designed a special room to allow for a serene, quiet and comfortable environment during these personal moments. The Comfort Room has it’s own entrance/exit so owners can leave without traveling through a crowded lobby affording privacy and dignity during such difficult times