General Veterinary Medicine

Care with Compassion

Drs. Weiser and Baucom strive to offer the most modern veterinary care for your dogs and cats. We believe strongly in preventative medicine and Annual Exams to be able to diagnose and treat illnesses as early as possible. This includes appropriate vaccinations, heartworm and tick titer blood testing, internal parasite screening, routine blood work and a thorough Annual Exam. We have a highly skilled and compassionate team to provide the best care for your pets.

In addition to preventative veterinary care we are well equipped to manage chronic conditions, illnesses and geriatric care. These include:

  • Dermatology: skin & ear conditions related to allergies, infections, endocrine disorders and parasites

  • Cardiology: management of chronic heart disease and murmurs

  • Ophthalmology: diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders including corneal ulcers, “dry eye”, glaucoma and entropion

  • Internal Medicine: diagnosis and management of chronic systemic diseases including kidney disease, liver disease, immune mediated disease and endocrine (hormonal) disorders

  • Geriatric care: management of chronic illness, incontinence and arthritis related to age with an effort to focus on comfort and quality of life

  • Pediatrics: care of your puppies and kittens with vaccinations, deworming and nutritional guidance

  • Dentistry: treatment of routine dental care and surgical extractions

Our state-of-the-art hospital utilizes our in-house laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasonography, in-house pharmacy and surgical suite to provide the most complete and up to date care for your pets.

When necessary we also utilize Idexx Laboratory Services as well as appropriate veterinary school laboratories including UC Davis, NC State, Cornell University, Texas A&M, Michigan State and Kansas State. This includes advanced blood and urine testing, biopsy pathology and radiology consultation.

Additionally when referral of a patient is necessary, we maintain close relationships with local referral hospitals including NC State Veterinary School, Quartet Veterinary, VSH and Triangle Referral Hospital. This allows for optimal and seamless care of your pet.