Please fill out the application below for a Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Voucher through the Pittsboro Animal Hospital Program. This program is NOT affiliated with CARE or Chatham County Animal Control. Low Cost Spay/ Neuter surgeries DO NOT include pre-anesthetic blood work, IV Catheters, IV Fluids during surgery. Once your application has been approved we will email to set up a surgery time.

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MUST be a Chatham County Resident
Price of surgery will vary depending on your pet's weight. We cannot accommodate pets over 65 lbs via the Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Program.
There are additional fees if your pet is pregnant, in-heat or has a retained testicle. We cannot accommodate large/ giant breed dogs through the Low Cost Programs. *
Low Cost Approval *
I understand that this application is for a Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Surgery and does not include pre-anesthetic blood work, IV catheter or IV fluids during surgery. I understand that although minimal there is an increased anesthetic risk without these standard protocols.
Heartworm Testing *
We strongly recommend that ALL dogs be current on monthly prescription heartworm prevention and annual heartworm testing. If your dog is not current we recommend having a heartworm test performed the day of surgery. If your dog is heartworm positive they have a much higher risk of anesthetic complications.
Fleas *
If your pet (dog or cat) is found to have fleas the day of surgery they WILL be treated for an additional fee
Is there any other information you would like to relay to us at Pittsboro Animal Hospital?